Our Products

Our Products

As a FinTech start-up, CapFront specialises in producing solutions that meet the financial needs of borrowers while helping lenders with an easy platform to lend and conduct their business. CapFront has always aimed to create, produce, and maintain solutions that would bridge the gap between the lender and the borrower, thus bringing in financial inclusiveness. With this goal in mind, CapFront has built a couple of exciting solutions that would make getting financial help a walk in the park, or just a click away, literally.

Money Requirement₹2000 - ₹2Lakh Loanfront Download AppQuick Approval Loanfront Download AppPaperless Processing

About LoanFront Platform

It is a single-point app that helps borrowers get easy and quick loans. The loan amount varies from as low as Rs 2000 to as high as Rs 2,00,000. The process of applying for loans, completing the paperwork, and the eventual disbursal of the loan amount is all done online. And the best part, the next time you visit LoanFront for a loan, just log in and apply, and you will not have to go through the entire loan process all over again. The entire loan process is transparent, ensuring reliability and safe keeping of your data and information.

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