Our Services

Our services & what we do ?

CapFront takes pride in the varied, diverse, innovative and tech-based solutions and services it provides to the financial institutions (Banks and NBFCs), which supports application-based lending. CapFront combines the latest cut-throat technology, data analytics, marketing, and product development to meet the new-age challenges of running a financial solution or product, and parallelly, it is leading a change in the evolvement of the FinTech eco-system. CapFront provides a holistic FinTech services to meet all the needs of kickstarting, running and maintaining a financial solution all under one roof.

Our service from CapFront


Pioneer in aesthetically designed user interfaces and designing more meaningful and intuitive customer experience on various digital platforms by adopting user-cantered design (UCD) concepts.

Product Engineering

Proficient in process based product engineering starting from ideation, innovation, technical solution, design implementation, validation and deployment using agile methodology to meet the challenges associated with ever changing requirements of the digital world and utility based software delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS).

Frontend/Backend Developemnt

Leader in development of rich frontend & strong backend services with awe view of the application using modern frontend frameworks and a highly secured backend services with a distributed micro services architecture that reaches out to all target users in the competitive Fintech market.

Risk Analytics

CapFront has developed varied techniques of identifying the risk through manual / semi-automated / automated methods. The automated techniques involve in developing complex machine learning algorithm to identify cutomer credit worthiness, market product trends, and identifying the different patterns in disbursal / repayment behaviours.

Big Data Analytics

Advanced analytic techniques developed against very large, diverse data sets that include structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, from different sources, and in different sizes. Our solutions can handle high volume, high velocity or high variety. Application of Big Data techniques, creating data pipelines further helps to solve real time data variations at a very large scale.

Quality Management

Quality is of highest priority and it’s never ending journey at CapFront. The Quality starts at the very beginning of our product lifecycle and continues even after delivery and support. We strongly believe in both Quality Assurance by adopting strong process in line with international standards/ models and Quality Control by ensuring the product goes through a strict verification and validation technics to identify defects early in the lifecycle.